Imre Gulyas

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I’m an artisan carpenter and joiner with over 28 years experience of furniture design. I also have a 4 years wood industry secondary technical school with a graduation certificate.

I founded The Smartjoiner Ltd. in 2018 with the belief that furniture should decorate a room - and not just be a functioning object.

For me, the smell, sight and feel of wood is what makes working and living with wood so special.

My workstyle

I am proud that the the wood I use is UK sourced and sustainably grown kiln dried timber.

The timber has been shaped and cut by hand and sanded to a smooth finish to preserve all the natural knots and features.

This is the unique beauty of hand finished wood.








What material are the furniture made of?

All furniture made of solid wood or the design and the shape requires of veneer as well.

Where are the wood come from?

I am in contact only with UK companies. The used wood of 90% grow in UK.

Can I order a standard size furniture only?

No, of course I create all furniture based on your needs and for the given space.

How long is the guarantee? And what for?

The garantee is 10 years based on the Terms and Condition.

Can I order a table with legs?

Yes, of course you can order legs but only of wood and created by me. If you want a leg from iron, you have to search and buy.

Where do you deliver to?

I deliver to mainland UK and almost always use my own vehicles and drivers.

Do you offer an installation service?

Yes, I do offer an installation service.

Is the on-site survey free?

Yes, it is free, if you have made an order.

How do I place an order with you?

Through our website or just contact me!